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This is your life, my passion, lets share it together!


Lucy Truten

(online coaching)

"I had an amazing few months of online coaching with John Paul, in such a short space of time I learnt so much about training and nutrition and realised exactly how much I was doing wrong. Before I started with John Paul I had been training for months, dancing 7 days a week as well as hitting the gym 6/7 times a week. I was constantly tired and lacking energy and Jp helped me realise just exactly how much I was over training and not fuelling my body correctly! He quickly upped my calories and carbs and I started feeling the benefits straight away. As soon as my calories went up I actually started to lose weight which meant calories continued to go up every week after our weekly check in. I was training less and eating more and finally starting to see the results I had been wanting for so long. I now know exactly how to fuel my body without having to track any of my food and I have John Paul to thank for helping me to get to that place. Socialising is no longer a stressful situation for me as JP also taught me how to enjoy treat meals in moderation and that in my case they actually help me to achieve my goals. I have gained so much knowledge that will help me get the most out of my training and benefit me in my chosen career field". See more

Andy Napier

(online coaching)

Been working with john Paul now for around 14 weeks. Main goal was gut health and changing my physique for the better , working on weak areas and gradually adding muscle . Everything we are doing is working , always on hand for help and info

Highly recommend

Artur Birbal

(online coaching)

Craig Murphy

(online caching)

John Paul really helped me in the last 4 weeks before my men's physique competition . His knowledge on nutrition and support everyday really helped though the tough times during prep and we brought in the best physique I have ever had. Thanks again JP and on to the next completion to help me bring in a even better package !!!


(one to one)

3st lighter (so far) thanks to this guy. Amazing trainer that has taught me so much in all aspects of nutrition, health and much more. 5 star trainer

Scott Reilly

(online coaching)

Want to say a thanks to John Paul Bryce. About 2 weeks prior to my photoshoot I started to think more about my peak weak as I wanted to make the most of it and bring out my best physique. I contacted John Paul about 18 days out from my photoshoot just to get a second opinion on things and to see if there is anything I should look at changing on my nutrition plan to bring out my best physique. Any questions I had I asked and he replied instantly. When on a fitness journey it's always good to have someone beside you and have a second opinion on things as sometimes your own isn't always the best. I look forward to working with him next year during my prep for my first Junior Men's Physique show. Great guy with bundles of knowledge, thanks buddy

Darren Murphy

(online coaching)


(online coaching)

20 week transformation and competition prep

I made decision about competing in May 2013. I was on board with a Pt in my local gym however he wasn't the person I needed to guide me and help me with preparations towards the stage. I had some basic knowledge about nutrition so was able to make some progress on my own but lots of things were a huge mystery for me so decided to approach John Paul as I knew about his experience with BNBF, the natural bodybuilding federation, which was the federation I was aiming from beginning, however changed my plans and for my first competition decided to go with federation which held their first event in Livingstone, pretty close from where I live.

We began the official preps in March and till the 31st of may we kept going. His online consultations were very suitable for me, JP was always able to answer my questions when I was unsure about lots of things so I could make a progress. During that period, we were also attending posing clubs which helped me to learn how to pose etc.

It was a long journey but within few months managed to lose 20lbs without sacrificing any muscle so managed to step on stage pretty ripped and ready. Want to add and admit that I didn't fully stick to the plan. Few weeks out I meant to be have just "re-feeds" to refuel some energy sources instead of a "cheat meal". I was cheating a bit and had both a week and still managed to pull a decent condition but I believe if I listened to what I've been told to do, could

look even better n lose more weight. Gonna stay with JP and work along with him till my next comp as I trust his techniques and knowledge to successful and I want to make sure I won't make the same mistakes.


July 2015 seen Adam take 1st place in the Caledonian classic run amazing by the UKDFBA!


(one to one)

Had been thinking to get a weights programme set up for a while. Played about with some different online workouts but just wasn't getting the results or the critique on my technique to progress. Was also keen to see how far I could push my body and possibly enter some competitions. Jp set me up with a programme, detailed macros and was realistic with my target setting. I seem some big changes in my shape and most importantly got some great help with my technique. Jp was always there at the end of the phone answering q's n a constant motivation. I competed in my 1st UKBFF bikini u163cm competition in Sept, coming 4th and qualified for the British Championships. Not bad for a newbie. Thanks for everything Jp 

(just to let you know Pamela decided to prepare herself for her first comp, controlling her own macro's, while utilising my training and tweeking my original nutrition program and what an amazing job she did!)

Robert O (online coaching in progress)

18 week transformation

Steven B

(online coaching)

14st 3 to 12st 7 in 14 weeks

After deciding that I wanted to change my diet and physique, I contacted John Paul to find out more about his personal training options. I had previously tried other diets and 'quick fixes' and after realising that they were only 'quick fixes', I had made my mind up that I wanted a lifestyle change. After careful consideration, I opted for the online programme. John Paul sets out my meals and calorie consumption for each day, all I have to do is eat what I'm told and do the exercises he has set out. My initial target was to reveal my abs. After discussing my target with John Paul, he set out a plan to reduce my body fat from 18% (week 1) to 10%. At week 13, I had reduced my body fat to around 11% without losing any muscle I already had. My next target is to drop to around 6% body fat by week 20 before I begin adding muscle mass. Whilst losing body fat, I have also gained muscle and lost inches, things I could never have done without John Paul's expertise.

As the famous saying goes

'I'm not telling you it's going to be easy-I'm telling you it's going to be worth it'

I've realised that if you're willing to listen to John Paul, do as he advises and put the hard work in then you will reap the rewardsIt hasn't always been an easy journey and I've had days off while on holiday etc., but knowing the best food choices to make has helped me limit any damage I could've done.  


(one to one)

10 Weeks and 20 sessions later

First thing,,id like to thank jp for changing my attitude towards training,,before i used to come in and do a bit of cross trainer,or treadmill followed by heavy weights,,,and that was it ,,it was just getting so boring and hardly showing any results,,,so i thought im not wasting my time anymore and i need to change my whole way of training and eating,,,so i trained with john paul for 10 weeks was the best thing ive ever done and should've done it months ago.the stuff you learn is just unbelievable and jaw dropping,,,and the training is so intense and hard but at the same time enjoyable...he even teaches you about nutrition ,food,,etc,etc,,,,,ull think afterwards ,,i cant believe i used to eat that,,,,,anyway as u can see from the photos,,,,what a difference,,my aim was to lose [1 stone] and tone 10 weeks,,i actually lost the weight in about 7 weeks,,and then we just concentrated on body fat,,i went from 17-00 stone to 15-13,,and body fat from 25.7 to roughly 18.9.,,,,put inches on my biceps and thighs,,,lost inches from my hips and waist,,,,i could go on all day,,just to sum it up ,,if u want to change your way of life and be more confident ,be haapy,,then i guarantee that john paul is the trainer for,,,only thing ull have to put up with is his commando marine style voice,,,,,,,lol


Weight 8 stone and 23.43% BODY FAT (calliper reading)

19 weeks later and 19 sessions later

Weight 7 stone 8 lbs and 16.57% BODY FAT

I have been training with John Paul for around 4months and within this time I’ve had the best results I could have hoped for. At the beginning when he said I should do weight training I was hesitant as it is always associated with males but he definitely proved to me that it has great effects on females to. I started with all over body workouts for about a month to see if I liked it and then he advised me to divide my training up into separate days for upper and lower body which has had the best effects and something I will stick to, it also means you are always coming in to do something different and I never get bored. He always explained the exercises well and why I was doing them, my full attitude towards training has changed including my diet and JP supplies all the information you need and definitely helps keep you motivated and pushes you towards your goal. Best thing I’ve done!    

Allana is currently back training now at 15% and 8 stone!!!!


(one to one)

Jamie's goal was to gain mass, improve waist line, ditch body fat and improve posture and as you can see we nailed it!! Here is what he had to say...


(online coaching)

I worked with JP for a 3-4 month period, with the aim of building muscle and gaining weight while remaining lean.

During that 4 month period I achieved more than had done training myself in the previous 12 months, while gaining a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and training methods which will stand me in good stead however I choose to train in the future.

Gained 5lbs while reducing body fat from 11% to 8%, achieving what I set out to achieve.

Would certainly recommend JP, 100% commitment from a guy who loves what he does.


Start date: September 2012

Starting bodyweight: 12 stone

Body fat:18.47% (calliper reading)


Current body weight 11 stone 13

Body fat: 12.5%

Muscle tissue gain: approx. 9 lb. 

"John Paul has been my personal trainer for just over a 6 months now. Within this period of time my personal fitness & outlook to nutritional value has never been better. The results I have achieved to date are down to John Paul’s amalgamation of nutritional advice and training techniques. His blend of exercise programs is challenging yet achievable & he took time to make sure they would fit into my busy lifestyle. The variety of exercises keeps me interested & motivated more than any other personal trainer I have worked with.I’m continually inspired by his fitness for life approach!      


(one to one coaching)

I am absolutely delighted with myself because I have got a Degree now. It was a great experience to get there, during this journey some special people have helped me to achieve this so I would like to say thanks to them.

To start with, my excellent personal trainer John Paul, Who showed me the right path. The way I see it, he is very intelligent and he has a great sense of humour, for instance I have known him for 8 months, during this time his advice and support augmented me a lot. His excellent advice and energetic attitude helped me build up my confidence level, which has led me to become very positive and achievable and it has helped me improve my career and studying level. Furthermore his training program build my strength level, endurance level, agility level, mental focus as well as toning my body shape.

Taking everything in account, it is a privilege for me to have him in my life. 


(one to one coaching)

I went to John Paul for a diet plan as I was getting bored of my own and he gave one that was not only nice tasting but very simple to make which made it easier to stick to. He also put me on a new training programme that has helped me gain size and burn 1 1/2% percent body fat in just under 2 weeks without even having to step on a treadmill. I am very pleased with the results In so little time and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

Will G

(online coaching)

17% to 9% body fat (calliper reading)

Barry N

(one to one coaching)

16% to 6.5% Body fat losing 19 lbs in total (calliper reading)

John Paul was exactly the PT I needed to teach me how to get the basics right in both my diet and my training plan ! If you listen and follow what he says you won't look back

Leigh Queen

(Online Coaching, wedding prep)

After 4 months of online training with John Paul I feel the healthiest, fittest and strongest I have ever felt. I have trained for years killing myself with crazy diets and hours upon hours of cardio, JP showed me how to get more from my training and helped me increase my calorie intake at the same time.

I started off eating roughly 600 cals per day living off mostly coffee. I wasn’t losing any weight or getting any fitter. JP more than doubled my daily cals and added carbs in (something I avoided before). I am now 10 pounds lighter and have lost 5 inches off my waist and hips even with all the extra food . It has been tough and the workouts have been tougher but I have loved every minute and I have loved seeing my body change. I feel more confident and happy within myself and best of all I eat now and eat lots . 

 I would highly recommended JP to anyone who wants to change their life! I can honestly say he has changed mine and I feel the best I have ever felt. He has been there for me 24/7 ready to answer any questions and give me options and solutions to any problems I have had. He is dedicated and has been a great support throughout the past four months. I started off the online training with JP for my wedding now the wedding is over I plan on continuing with JP and I am dying to see how he can help me improve even more.

Lesley Di Mascio

(one to one coaching, wedding prep)

Natalie Elliott

(one to one coaching, wedding prep)

Stuart M

Start date: March 2012

Starting bodyweight: 10 stone 3 and 14.9% body fat


Current body weight 10 stone 8 and 11.03% body fat

Muscle tissue gain: approx. 10 lbs.

I have been training with John Paul for about a year and a half now and seen some fantastic results. I have gained muscle, lost fat and look great in the process.

John Paul is dedicated to getting his clients the exact results they want whether it be getting thinner, bigger or stronger hell work out a programme that will do exactly that.

All his workouts are backed up with science and his knowledge of nutrition is 2nd to none. He will make sure you are doing the workout perfectly and not skip any corners.

If you put half as much effort into using his training programmes as he does creating them then you will see some amazing results.