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This is your life, my passion, lets share it together!

Personal training

What if I could help you build your ideal body, strengthen your mindset, and teach you how to achieve permanent weight loss? 

No more diet fads, no more confusion, and no more suffering!

Attainable, not to mention sustainable


So why train with me?

I've been a level 3 personal trainer since 2010, and an online coach since 2013.

I've worked over 11,000 hours personal training alone, with over 300 people!

I also hold a nutritional qualification with (BTN) body type nutrition.

One to one personal training

Right now I'm currently based in Coatbridge, Scotland, running my own private gym, called JP's GYM.

So if gyms aren't your scene then I've got you covered!

To me personal training isn't just about being worked to the point of exhaustion, as this in my opinion is not only poor coaching, but very misleading to the client.

Yes exercise should be challenging, but you should be left invigorated, not annihilated, and not left to fend for yourself once your time together is over.

To simply put it, this should be your last search for the right coach, as its my job to set you up to go off on your own, in your own time.

Here's what I think...

We should be getting stronger on your terms, while learning at your pace, and progressing when you're ready. After all this is your journey, but I'll be there ensuring you move in the most efficient, and most sustainable way.

With the right coaching the possibilities are endless, and it's my job to educate, help set the right mindset, build your confidence, and challenge your belief system, with a focus on doing better each and every session.

In just the right steps, with small sustainable changes, you'll simply become the best version of yourself, while learning to enjoy every step of the process, while watching yourself evolve.

You'll get stronger, fitter, tighter, and more aesthetically pleasing, and love the body your in.

During our journey we will not only focus on delivering the end goal, but I want you to go away from it all with the knowledge, and understanding of how your body works, and what it needs to function optimally, achieving not only long term health, but a physique you can be proud of.

This isn't some quick fix!

My goal is to help you believe in yourself, and make these changes for you permanent, with the right amount of effort, allowing fitness, and better health, become a part of your life.

Far too many people think black, and white when it comes to their fitness journey, using what I call "the external approach to fitness".

I don't think black and white...

There is no one size fits all!!!

This is individualized coaching for a reason, and it's my job to find the right strategy for you.

I've spent years not only in the trenches, but researching, reading textbooks, taking courses to eliminate years of searching, and all the guest work for you. What more could you require?

With the right lifestyle coaching, and simply caring about what you need, I have developed a system that will help you become your best. 

  • Weekly check ins, and monthly reviews
  • We'll smash targets by setting weekly acheivable goals
  • Monthly body stats and progress reports
  • Daily face book posts, weekly blog posts
  • Detailed workouts with videos and my unique coaching tips
  • Instant messenger support, email support and calls on request.
  • PLUS receive my 6 week client education pack ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

And I haven't even mentioned the training yet!!

You'll to go away from every session with a different mindset, the feeling that you've did yourself very proud, and learned something new and invaluable.

This is your life, my passion, lets share it together!

one to one coaching