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Preperation, tips to succeed

Posted on February 19, 2015 at 11:15 AM
Preparation is another tool you can use to get the most out of your day, especially when optimising your health and transforming your physique. 

Setting up for the day or even the week ahead should be a priority for everyone looking to get in shape as it will allow you to focus on what matters the most without worrying about where your next meal is going to come from, Now ensure you at least have the option to eat healthier by preparing some meals and snacks, making sure you get a great balance of whole foods (protein, fats and carbs depending on goal), and not only you will now have a choice but this will help you avoid foods that are less likely to get you the body you want over time.

Here are a few tips to help!

1. Plan your schedule whether it be clients, family time, appointments. You can do this in the morning at night, or even at the weekend.

2. learn something new every day, I like to listen to podcasts regarding business management and then I tend to listen to more when I walk the dogs, while doing some light exercise, then mid day and night I will repeat this process studying nutrition or training listening to guys like Phil Learney, 

3. Prepare your food! Now I like to do this in 2 ways either prep 2 days per week usually a Wednesday or a Sunday, at night or in the morning for the day ahead and I can usually get a whole days cooking done within 40 minutes using a very easy strategy

4. Keep a logbook; this is the most important part of your training apart from training itself. 

5. Track our progress, now this can be done with not only your training log book but with progress pics, and the best way to do this is front, back and side

6. Make time for you!! Set some time aside to relax and clear your mind!

Have a great day

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You have to set your mind for the preparation and it is a good technique. For all types of the work, you have to make your mind and then starting preparation. You also give good tips for the preparation and actually, all the tips are precious.
Reply Anonymous
8:13 AM on May 9, 2018 
3:06 AM on May 21, 2018 
It is important that we are organized in our schedule to avoid mixing appointments. Planning is a good habit to be organized with our daily life. It is also a way to monitor your progress in the activities required to achieve your desired goal. But some may say, "just go with the flow", where they just do whatever they want to do in that day. Sometimes, setting a goal or plan can be a disappointment or frustration of an individual. Planning is still our choice to make.
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Preparation is a great tool for me to use in my life. What about you? Tell me, please.
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Brand-new areas such as become widely referred to as an excellent stylish and even the designer in increased products and even wardrobe.

These tips are wonderful and a big help to us who are wanting to have a change in our lifestyle. We should take our health seriously because not being able to maintain its good condition might lead to diseases that we are supposed to avoid. Preparing a day or a week ahead will help us focus on our objectives in the next days because the steps we are about to take is already set in our minds. Having a slow progress is better than having none at all, succeeding to have a healthier body takes dedication and discipline. At the end of the day, we would not regret putting all the hard work once we achieve the outcome that we are expecting.
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