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This is your life, my passion, lets share it together!


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Preperation, tips to succeed

Posted on February 19, 2015 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (30)
Preparation is another tool you can use to get the most out of your day, especially when optimising your health and transforming your physique. 

Setting up for the day or even the week ahead should be a priority for everyone looking to get in shape as it will allow you to focus on what matters the most without worrying about where your next meal is going to come from, Now ensure you at least have the option to eat healthier by preparing some meals and snacks, making sure you get a great balance of whole foods (protein, fats and carbs depending on goal), and not only you will now have a choice but this will help you avoid foods that are less likely to get you the body you want over time.

Here are a few tips to help!

1. Plan your schedule whether it be clients, family time, appointments. You can do this in the morning at night, or even at the weekend.

2. learn something new every day, I like to listen to podcasts regarding business management and then I tend to listen to more when I walk the dogs, while doing some light exercise, then mid day and night I will repeat this process studying nutrition or training listening to guys like Phil Learney, 

3. Prepare your food! Now I like to do this in 2 ways either prep 2 days per week usually a Wednesday or a Sunday, at night or in the morning for the day ahead and I can usually get a whole days cooking done within 40 minutes using a very easy strategy

4. Keep a logbook; this is the most important part of your training apart from training itself. 

5. Track our progress, now this can be done with not only your training log book but with progress pics, and the best way to do this is front, back and side

6. Make time for you!! Set some time aside to relax and clear your mind!

Have a great day

I got to come clean

Posted on January 18, 2015 at 8:26 AM Comments comments (29)
Chilly, chilly,

Sitting here this ice cold sunday morning with a costa in hand, it finally dawned on me that I need to come clean about something that may shock and rock the boat.
You see I wasn't always as healthy and nutritionally conscious as I am today and let me explain in a little more detail. There was a time in my teens and early 20's when all I ever did was party, drink, and gig, and at one point this was every day! 

Now since I was young I have always trained but never to the degree, never consistent and never with the determination that I have today, my nutritional knowledge was very little and I did what I thought was best! But then a day came when I had so say enough, and so I dedicated my life to helping you guys achieve and believe in yourselves.
You see within the 5+ years of being a personal trainer there has been something missing in my life and I put this down to not being honest with myself, my clients. My past truly haunts me and still does to this day, holding me back from becoming the best dam trainer I can possibly be! You see this is why I do my competitions, this is why I kill myself in the gym, this is why I would do absolutely anything to get you guys the results, and I believe that when I take home a trophy I truly will be cleansed of my sins lol. The day will come when I can finally look at myself and say John Paul you've done it, its over, relax!
Last year was by far the hardest I have ever had, but that didn't stop me and it didn't stop you guys (my clients) neither, and I have so much to be grateful for, as through hardship comes a greater reward!

Here is some of the things I did in 2014

I bought a new home, (putting down my life savings).
I built my own home gym where I train clients daily.
I set up a very successful online coaching program.
I gained approx 8lbs of muscle, and average this year in year out!
I raised an amazing puppy, she truly is one of a kind.

2015 will be another milestone and I plan to take the bull by the horns! And with my weekly posts you can now share my triumphs, my woes, and make this year one to remember.

My point to this email is no matter what life throws at you, stand up and give it everything you have, never back down, set goals and knock them down. Nobody is perfect but with a little effort and dedication you can do anything!

I am so glad I got this off my chest, now I feel I can push my self harder and enjoy the process, and i would love you to take the journey with me.

JohnpaulPT and my new company (DFIT)



Posted on September 7, 2013 at 4:57 PM Comments comments (32)
Today I made this amazing meat pizza I just had to share with you, with practically no carbs loads of meat and healthy fats this truly was a delight.

ingredients (I shop in sainsburys)

Meat base...

500g lean grass fed steak mince
1 teaspoon parsley
2 free range eggs beaten


2 tablespoons tomato puree, 1 tea spoon extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, touch of oregano
layer with loads of veg, chicken, mozarella

set oven at 220 c

Beat eggs and mix everything together with sea salt and black pepper to taste. Grease a cake tin with some organic unsalted grass fed butter (I use grahams or kerry gold) add mixture and spread to make the base

now be spontaneous and add whatever you want but first make the tomato base

I forgot some ingredients but I used tomato puree, chopped garlic, oregano, and a touch of water, then you are ready to spread over your base. I also used last nights homemade coconut curry for my meat topping with red onion, sweet red peppers and buffalo mozzarella but regular organic will do. Pop in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes and serve.

cut into 4 and serve!!!!!



Matcha Porridge

Posted on June 15, 2012 at 5:56 AM Comments comments (28)
Ok so as promised here is my new morning breakfast recipe for my Matcha Porridge, this breakfast really packs a punch when it comes to getting prepared to start the day

Heres what you'll need

Matcha green tea
Bob's red mill gluten free oats
1 Whole egg
Natural stevia Extract
Goji berries
Manuka Honey
Pro 10 Unflavoured (use flavoured of your choice

Ok so they key to great oats is to let them steep over night, allowing them to soak in water over night will ferment the oats are make them easier for the body to digest allowing our bodies to absorb more nutrients, so if its say 80g oats add 250ml of water and allow to soak, when you get up turn on the stove to a very low heat to preserve as much of the nutrients as possible and start adding your ingredients.

1. Once you have turned on the stove add 1g of MATCHA GREEN TEA

2. Add 1 medium egg preferably organic

3. Add 1g stevia extract, 15g goji berries, 50g banana

4. Add 20g Pro 10 whey or flavour of your choice and 15g manuka honey

5. Stir and serve

hope you all enjoy as much as I do.


Peak week get following!!!

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (51)
Week 12 has finally arrived, again sorry for the lack of posts but I have just been mobbed with work as well, decided to take the week off to totally focus on my nutrition, training etc as everything i do from no on in will effect Sunday (show day). So its fair to say I have never been so confused in my life as to which route to take when it came to peak weeks nutrition so i decided to front load (Layne Norton) meaning loading on carbs beginning of the week instead of traditionally depleting early in the week and carb load last 3 days 

1. This is my first show
2. chance of an overspill
3. Lack of contest prep knowledge 

So I decided to stick between 120 - 160g carbs 12 days out as this has been my low carb amounts throughout, then loading last 5 days with starting with the biggest amount tuesday and dropping every day to saturday when I will hopefully only need a little bump in carbs to keep me full.

I feel this  the safest method to prepare for an overspill in water and glycogen meaning if i do I can try fix and dry out before sunday. I'd rather be small and ripped than big and watery.

Water I have upped to 8ltrs a day to try and rid water retention round my waste along with 1g of vitamin C per meal upping to 10g by show day, this is definitely working as I am getting leaner every day.

Peak Week nutrition ratios
Monday 15:55:30 = 2238Kcals
carbs 80g Proteins 301g Fats 75g
Tuesday 45:35:20 split = 3197Kcals
Carbs 360g Proteins 280g Fats 71g

Wednesday 40:40:20 = 2930Kcals
Carbs 300g Proteins 290g Fats 68g

Thursday 35:43:22 = 2707Kcal
Carbs 240g Proteins 300g Fats 66g

Friday 2554Kcals (lay off fibrous veggies) cut water to 2.5ltrs
Carbs 180g  Proteins 310g Fats 66g

Saturday 2794Kcals(lay off fibrous veggies and sip water from 6pm)
Carbs 230g  Proteins 320g Fats 66g

Sunday – not decided as yet

Ok so here is Mondays training and nutrition below

Today I was totally drained from the low carbs 5 days prior and my skin was really dried out (not holding water), I decided only to have 80g of complex carbs from oats and quinoa just to try depleting a little more before loading up, so I added loads of vegetables such as
green beans, peppers, asparagus, leeks, and a small amount of broccoli, these are my top veggies to replace the starchy carbs, so I steamed them and topped with cider vinegar to give them a cracking taste, also cider vinegar has great health benefits and can also be used as an aid in fat loss (MORE ON THIS LATER), if you are purchasing cider vinegar make sure its not pasteurised or refined to preserve the goodness, Aspall also contains no sulphites (preservatives)

Started the morning with a 45 minute treadmill run LSD with a HR of around 130 - 135 at a steady pace and tbh I was wishing I had started doing runs weeks prior as they would have helped get my calves into bigger and better shape. That night I did shoulders at around 80% my max reps, now I still had legs to do and I was saving them for my highest carb load day.

Shoulder workout was a little half hearted but here it is

all performed 3 x 12 reps at moderate intensity

Seated DB Press
rear single arm cable Fly
BB Front Raise
DB Lateral raise
Single DB Upright Row

This is always the basis of my shoulder routines please like the blog if you'd like to see the full workout!!

SWEE POTATO PANCAKES!!!! at last....

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 6:13 PM Comments comments (60)
High Protein Sweet Potato Pancakes 

If you have seen my previous posts you'll find I'm a bit of a sweet potato buff when baking, it pretty much goes with anything and everything.

Now I used all natural ingredients to make my pancakes except the casein whey by optimum nutrition because I never had almond milk, I just made mixture to milk consistency. Here is the recipe below


Makes 2 pancakes
• 30g rolled oats
• 2 tablespoons almond milk/casein whey mixed in water to make milk consistency
• 80g sweet potato de skinned and pre steamed for 15 minutes.
• 1 medium egg
• 30g of almond butter (I used meridian)

The topping:  

strawberries, cinnamon, stevia or truvia if you want to keep calories low, or maple syrup.

• Heat and grease griddle (use coconut oil or 1 cal spray)
• Mix first five ingredients in a blender or they will whisk just fine.
• Pour onto griddle and form pancake shape.
• On Medium to low heat, cook slowly and then flip (use a plate if necessary) when the edges are golden brown.
• Cook for 1-2 minutes on the other side 

Top with fruit and syrup, and enjoy! Or if you'd like something really crazy you can use as burger buns.

Nutrition information per pancake

Calories 239.1
Carbohydrates 9.8g
Of which sugar – 2.2g
Protein 14.3g
Fat 9.8g
Saturated Fat 0.55g