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Peak week get following!!!

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (51)
Week 12 has finally arrived, again sorry for the lack of posts but I have just been mobbed with work as well, decided to take the week off to totally focus on my nutrition, training etc as everything i do from no on in will effect Sunday (show day). So its fair to say I have never been so confused in my life as to which route to take when it came to peak weeks nutrition so i decided to front load (Layne Norton) meaning loading on carbs beginning of the week instead of traditionally depleting early in the week and carb load last 3 days 

1. This is my first show
2. chance of an overspill
3. Lack of contest prep knowledge 

So I decided to stick between 120 - 160g carbs 12 days out as this has been my low carb amounts throughout, then loading last 5 days with starting with the biggest amount tuesday and dropping every day to saturday when I will hopefully only need a little bump in carbs to keep me full.

I feel this  the safest method to prepare for an overspill in water and glycogen meaning if i do I can try fix and dry out before sunday. I'd rather be small and ripped than big and watery.

Water I have upped to 8ltrs a day to try and rid water retention round my waste along with 1g of vitamin C per meal upping to 10g by show day, this is definitely working as I am getting leaner every day.

Peak Week nutrition ratios
Monday 15:55:30 = 2238Kcals
carbs 80g Proteins 301g Fats 75g
Tuesday 45:35:20 split = 3197Kcals
Carbs 360g Proteins 280g Fats 71g

Wednesday 40:40:20 = 2930Kcals
Carbs 300g Proteins 290g Fats 68g

Thursday 35:43:22 = 2707Kcal
Carbs 240g Proteins 300g Fats 66g

Friday 2554Kcals (lay off fibrous veggies) cut water to 2.5ltrs
Carbs 180g  Proteins 310g Fats 66g

Saturday 2794Kcals(lay off fibrous veggies and sip water from 6pm)
Carbs 230g  Proteins 320g Fats 66g

Sunday – not decided as yet

Ok so here is Mondays training and nutrition below

Today I was totally drained from the low carbs 5 days prior and my skin was really dried out (not holding water), I decided only to have 80g of complex carbs from oats and quinoa just to try depleting a little more before loading up, so I added loads of vegetables such as
green beans, peppers, asparagus, leeks, and a small amount of broccoli, these are my top veggies to replace the starchy carbs, so I steamed them and topped with cider vinegar to give them a cracking taste, also cider vinegar has great health benefits and can also be used as an aid in fat loss (MORE ON THIS LATER), if you are purchasing cider vinegar make sure its not pasteurised or refined to preserve the goodness, Aspall also contains no sulphites (preservatives)

Started the morning with a 45 minute treadmill run LSD with a HR of around 130 - 135 at a steady pace and tbh I was wishing I had started doing runs weeks prior as they would have helped get my calves into bigger and better shape. That night I did shoulders at around 80% my max reps, now I still had legs to do and I was saving them for my highest carb load day.

Shoulder workout was a little half hearted but here it is

all performed 3 x 12 reps at moderate intensity

Seated DB Press
rear single arm cable Fly
BB Front Raise
DB Lateral raise
Single DB Upright Row

This is always the basis of my shoulder routines please like the blog if you'd like to see the full workout!!